Tempa Dot

The Tempa Dot Single-Use Clinical Thermometer provides an accurate, reliable, and safe method for routine clinical temperature monitoring. Tempa Dot single-use instrument measures body temperature in the Fahrenheit range of96.0°F to 104.8°F. Each dot changes color from beige to a vivid blue at a temperature 0.2°F higher than the preceding dot. The device conforms to ASTM Standard E 825-98 (reapproved 2003). When exposed to temperatures >95°F dots will turn blue. If this occurs place it in the freezer for at least one hour per boxer 16 hours per case. Let stand at room temperature for one day. Dots may appear slightly off-color, but this does not affect the accuracy of the thermometers.

Tempa Dot Features:

  • Clinical thermometer for accurately assessing patient temperature in 60 seconds
  • Single-use to reduce any risk of cross-infection
  • Individually-wrapped and sterile
  • Temperature is easy to read by viewing the dot matrix on the thermometer
  • Soft and flexible and non-toxic


  • REDUCES THE RISK OF INFECTION— Other temperature-taking devices can accumulate, carry, and spread contagions as they are routinely handled. By comparison, Tempa Dot is a sterile instrument, individually wrapped for single use. This virtually eliminates the possibility of contaminating transfer. There is a strong case for the use of Tempa Dot with all patients. The prevention of just one HAI event can pay for the entire Tempa Dot program.
  • ACCURATE— Oral readings in 1 minute. Accurate to ±0.1°C(within the critical range of 37.0°C to 39.0°C).
  • SAFE—Tempa Dot is sterile, latex-free, and non-toxic. Individually wrapped to prevent contamination before use.
  • CONVENIENT— Units are easily divisible and transportable. Place a 100-count box in each patient’s room, or carry individual 4-strips. They fit comfortably in the pocket of your scrubs.
  • ECONOMICAL— Eliminates time and materials spent to disinfect, recalibrate, recharge, or repair electronic devices. No need to purchase and stock disposable(unsterilized) sheaths, or enter into long-term purchasing commitments.

How to store?

Store Tempa Dot thermometers in an area wheretemperatures do not exceed 30°C.When exposed to high temperatures, matrix dots will turnblue. If this occurs:

  • Place in freezer for 1 hour per box of 100,16 hours per case of 20 boxes. (2 hours perbox for Tempa Dot PLUS rectal thermometers.)
  • Let stand at room temperature for 1 day.
  • Thermometers are now ready for use. Dots may appearslightly off-color, but this does not affect accuracy.

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