Monoject Syringe

Monoject Syringes are needle-based safety products designed to protect healthcare workers from needlestick injuries. The Monoject Syringe’s simple one-handed design and durable safety shield ensure that the clinician is safe from sharps injury.

It’s a syringe from Covidien’s MonojectTM product line, which is sold under the Kendall brand name. Depending on the intended use, it comes in a number of sizes and configurations. MonojectTM general-purpose syringes are typically used to distribute liquid drugs or collect blood or other bodily fluids. Insulin injections, as well as irrigating or flushing out body cavities or medical devices, include specialised models.

Monoject Syringe Features:

  • Graduations that are bold and easy to read
  • Anti-coring needle with ultra-sharp tri-beveled tip.
  • Translucent needle hub with color-coding and a rigid pack cap
  • For use in OR/procedure packs, autoclavable in rigid pack

Monoject Syringe Design:

It’s a single-use, single-package sterile syringe that can be used with or without a needle. Monoject Syringe is made of polypropylene and comes with a latex-free plunger tip and is packaged in a two-piece polypropylene case. For more accurate calculation, the Monoject Syringe barrel has graduated markings.


Syringes may be used to dispense oral medicines, flush wounds, and feed small birds, reptiles, and laboratory animals without the need for a needle. The autoclavable, rigid polypropylene hardpack protects against syringe contamination and ensures a particle-free kit. The syringe can be quickly taken out of the sterile plastic casing.


  • Protection technology focused on barrels.
  • A sturdy safety shield protects the needle during transportation and after use.
  • Clinicians can safely transport medicine in this role, which removes the need to recap the needle.
  • Packaging that is rigid and can be autoclaved or gased.
  • Blister softpack packaging is also available for secure handling.
  • For more precise measurements, use a 3 mL or 3 cc syringe with graduated markings.

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