Ace Wrap

Wrapping the injured limb with ace wraps after a burn injury or leg wound helps to reduce swelling, blood pooling, graft loss, and long-term colour change. By providing support and pressure over areas of swelling and scarring, it can also help to prevent discomfort and scratching.

Ace Wraps Features:

  • Ace Wraps can be wrapped conveniently and securely without the use of clips thanks to the convenient hook-and-loop closure.
  • Supports tired, aching muscles and joints in a mild way.
  • The design is intended to be worn for a long time.
  • Style that is easy to use
  • It’s small enough to hide under your clothes.

Ace Wraps Size:

Available in:

  • 2 inch (best for wrist foot)
  • 3 inch (best for elbow knee ankle)
  • 4 inch (best for lower leg shoulder)
  • 5 inch (best for chest)

How to Apply Ace Wraps to the Legs:

  • Wrap the foot and lower leg in 4 inch wraps. For adult thighs, a 6 inch Ace Wraps may be the best option. (The width of the ace bandage would be determined by the child’s size in children and smaller adults.) Start the ace wrap just below the toes, at the top of the foot. Wrap around the back of the foot and over the top of it. This will keep the ace bandage in place and prevent it from riding up the leg.
  • Pull the Ace Wraps diagonally around the knee, not at a right angle.
  • Wrap the foot diagonally and turn it in the opposite direction with each turn.
  • Wrap the foot in a crisscross pattern, putting the most pressure on the ankle when you wrap it up.
  • Continue wrapping in a crisscross fashion, applying the most pressure toward the ankle as you wrap up the foot.
  • Start wrapping the ace wrap around the ankle and working your way up the leg using the same technique. When you get closer to the body, apply less and less pressure.

Continue wrapping the thigh and securing the ace wrap’s end with tape. Check to see if your toes are pink and warm. There should be no tingling or numbness. The ace bandage can be too tight if the toes become paler, cooler, numb, or tingle. To apply proper pressure without cutting off circulation, remove and rewrap the Ace Wraps.


What is the length of the Ace Wraps?

It typically specifies the length, but keep in mind that they can extend very far. I don’t like the hooks on the bandages. They have the ability to penetrate your skin. Self-sealing is fantastic.

What is the length of the piece?

I didn’t measure it, but the box says it’s 1.7 yards long.

Is it free of latex?

Is this a gentle, smooth fabric or a rough, self-adhesive mesh that adheres to itself?
This is a smooth cloth, not one that is sticky. It does have a velcro strip at the top, but that is cut off and clips are used to keep it together, so it is all soft.

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