Abdominal Pads, also known as ABD Pads, are used to treat large wounds or wounds that require a lot of absorbencies. This abdominal dressing was originally designed to treat battle wounds in the military. The abbreviation ABD stands for “Army Battle Dressing.” In fact, many of the abdominal wound dressings that are currently in use were designed for use on the battlefield. Many people, including doctors and caregivers, now think of this absorbent garment as an abdominal wound dressing. The goal of ABD Pad dressings, on the other hand, is to handle high draining wounds or huge wounds.ABD wound dressings include a thick absorbent layer that disperses fluids away from the wound site, preventing them from pooling. The dressing back is designed to prevent strike-through and the edges are sealed.

ABD Pad Features:

  • Abdominal Gauze Pad Designed for Maximum Absorbency and Comfort in Wound Care
  • Lint Residue and Leaking are prevented by sealing all four edges.
  • Patient Comfort is Improved by Using a Soft, Non-Woven Top Sheet Layer
  • Maximum Absorbency with Fluff Fill
  • Suitable for a Variety of Uses

ABD Pad Sizes:

The pad comes in five different sizes: 5 x 9″, 7 1/2 x 8″, 8 x 10″, and 12 x 16″. Individually and in boxes, it is packaged for convenience.


This gauze pad is indicated in use for:

  • This gauze pad should be used as a primary layer for wounds that are heavily exuding.
  • Additional layer for lesions that are highly exuding
  • Cushioning to help with pressure points
  • Whenever a high level of absorbency is required


What exactly do you mean when you say “a tray of 25?” What exactly is a tray? Normally, these are packaged in a box. Are these of first-class?

Many professional pads are sold as trays with no tops for convenient access while wearing exam gloves. This is a high-quality product that is utilised by both doctors and hospitals.

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