1ml Syringes

1 mL Syringes are general purpose syringes for diabetic, tuberculin, and other uses including post-operative conditions, vitamin deficiencies, and intramuscular medication. These single-use syringes can be fitted with either conventional or safety needles. 1 mL Syringes are in an easy-peel blister package. if a physician orders 0.25 mL of a medication, the 1 mL syringe is the best for achieving this dose because it allows you to measure very small amounts of medication.

1 mL Syringes Features:

  • Luer-Lok® Tip or Slip Tip
  • Single-use
  • One-milliliter capacity
  • Latex-free
  • Sterile
  • Features bold, clear scale markings to assist in making easy and accurate dosage measurements.
  • Thinner and smaller syringe size is easier to control.
  • Syringes without Needles.

Parts of the 1 mL Syringes:

  • Adaptor: This is the area where you screw on a needle (if you were giving an intramuscular injection etc.) or onto the IV hub of the patient’s IV to give a medication.
  • Barrel with a readable scale: This is where you will match up the top of the plunger seal (see image at the side) and the line on the scale with the amount of medication you need to administer. Most scales on the barrel are in mL (milliliters) or cc (cubic centimeters). If you are administering the insulin you will use 1 mL Syringes that measure in units. NOTE: Always determine the capacity of your syringe because each syringe has different measurements on its scale. Hence each line represents a different increment of measurement.
  • Plunger: Assists will drawing up and injecting the medication.
  • Tip: If you hear someone say give “10 cc” of this medication, cc is the same as mL. Therefore, 10 mL equals 10 cc.


In  a1 mL syringe. Each line measures in 0.01 increments until it reaches a total capacity of 1 mL.


Are the 1 mL Syringes sterile?

The packaging states – sterile unless opened or damaged. Each 1 mL Syringes is individually wrapped and sterile however keep in mind that the syringe doesn’t have a cap on the end so once you open it you have to use it immediately.

Is there a rubber stopper or all plastic?

There’s a picture on the box. It has a rubber stopper.

Are these reusable?

They’re meant for single use. However, I use this for my dog for her omeprazole liquid suspension and I’m supposed to give it to her twice a day. I tend to use it for the two times and use a new one for the next day. Depending on what you use it for, I’m sure you can get a few uses.

What type of plastic are these made of?

The individual packages state non-pyrogenic, non-bacteria, non-toxic. Sterile 1 mL Syringes.

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