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Air wheelchair cushions are uniquely designed to protect patients who are at increased risk of developing certain health problems, including skin breakdown from prolonged wheelchair use and discomfort as a result of positioning problems. A tremendous benefit to the air-based Roho Cushion is that they are adjustable, meaning levels of seated support can often be completely customized to the user’s preferences.

5. STAR Standard Roho Cushion

Starting off our top five list is the Standard Roho Cushion by STAR Cushions. Although this product (like one other ranked in this list) is a ROHO brand product, fans of ROHO cushions will find a similar design and functionality with a few interesting differences.

The Standard Roho Cushion offers customers a 4 inch air cell height, as well as a wide range of sizes to best fit in a range of wheelchairs. It’s available in your choice of either a dual or a quad valve design, depending on the amount of adjustability you require in your cushion.

The Roho Cushion comes equipped with a fluid-resistant stretch top that can be removed for easy cleaning, a hand pump for easy filling, and a repair kit for easy patches on the go. The no-skid bottom of the cushion can be strapped directly to the wheelchair and prevents any slipping or sliding while in motion. The ultimate selling point for Roho Cushionis that they’re so durable, they have a virtually unlimited weight capacity, allowing them to truly accommodate patients of all sizes with ease.

And while the weight limit was among the primary reasons for this item’s inclusion in our top five list, it also earned high marks for its pressure-relieving design and the exceptional quality of its included cover.

Features and Benefits

  • Offers a high-quality alternative to other products
  • Fluid-resistant and easy to clean stretch cover
  • Choice of dual or quad compartment design
  • Many different sizes
  • Unique design features an unlimited weight capacity
  • Cover, Air pump, and repair kit included with purchase

Product Tips

Both customers and the Rehabmart testing team commended the Balanced Aire Adjustable cushion on its exceptional functionality and lack of a maximum weight capacity.

Recommended for those who spend extensive amounts of time in their mobility device, this option can help users avoid the pressure-related skin issues that can accompany long-term sitting. With an anti-shear cover and bottom that stays where you want it to while using your wheelchair, this model also provides superior stability and comfort.

4. ROHO Mosaic Wheelchair Cushion

The entry from the brand that set the standard in air-cell wheelchair cushion technology, the Mosaic Wheelchair Roho Cushion earns the number four spot on our list thanks to its combination of quality and economy! This Roho Cushion offers an affordable option for customers curious about the world of air models, which are often of premium quality–and come at premium prices.

Costing only a little over $100, this Roho Cushion is the least expensive option in the top five, and earns the award for Best Value in the air cushions category!

Like other ROHO cushions, the Mosaic makes use of interconnected air cells that uniformly lift and support the patient. This prevents “bottoming out,” an all-too-common experience among wheelchair users. Occuring when a cushion loses its form and supportive qualities, bottoming out is an uncomfortable and potentially injury-causing situation!

The Mosaic’s uniform air distribution allows the cushion to account for the patient’s weight, shape, and individual positioning to ensure a comfortable seating experience. The lightweight shell is constructed of durable, DEHP-free PVC. Weighing less than one pound, it adds no noticeable weight to the mobility device for maximum ease of use, transport, and cleaning.

This Roho Cushion also offers the choice between a standard, machine-washable cover and a heavy-duty incontinence cover. And like all ROHO cushions, an inflation pump and repair kit are included with purchase!

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for customers who want to try ROHO Cushions without spending too much
  • 25 individual inter-connected air cells
  • Adjustable level of support for maximum versatility
  • ROHO’s trademark air cell technology
  • Extremely lightweight, coming in at under one pound
  • Easy to clean PVC shell and choice of two cover options
  • Inflation pump and repair kit included with purchase
  • 250 pound weight limit
  • Choice of three sizes
  • One year limited warranty on the cushion and six-month warranty on cover

Product Tips

The Mosaic surely has a price tag that will appeal to everyone, but it may not be the best choice for every user.

This cushion is best suited for those who:

  • Have full or partial sensation in their seating area
  • Are not seeking relief from balance-related issues
  • Require a low-risk level of skin protection

The Mosaic’s preventative level of support is best for users who seek to prevent pressure sores or infections from developing in the first place. For those already at an elevated risk of these issues, or those already experiencing them, keep reading! Other cushions on this list may be just what you’re looking for.


The Roho CushionMosaic is a perfect product to introduce people curious about air cushions to the foremost pioneer in the field.While not as heavy-duty as the two other ROHO products highlighted in this list, it is a solid and accessible cushion, ideal for those seeking a quality product at a reasonable price. ROHO’s wheelchair accessories are renowned for their innovative design and consistent quality, and this is often reflected in their cost.

For users who don’t spend all day on their mobile devices and who are at low risk of developing pressure-related issues like skin shearing and ulcers, this is a great choice. For its high quality, ease of use, and relatively thrifty cost, the ROHO Mosaic secures its number four spot and Best Value designation on our list!

3. High Profile Single Compartment Roho Cushion

Seizing the number three position on our list is the High Profile Single Compartment, Roho Cushion. This product, designed for taller patients, boasts an impressive number of sizing options. The Roho Cushion is available in almost 30 sizes, from 12 to 28 inches in width and 12 to 20 inches in length. This is a more extensive range of sizes than found in almost any other cushion on the market!

But the advantages don’t stop there! Like all ROHO cushions, it has an array of features that make it stand out from the competition.

This is a serious cushion, designed for use by those who:

  • Have an elevated risk of developing skin integrity issues like shearing and pressure ulcers
  • Are seeking to prevent injury by maintaining healthy circulation
  • Have pelvic asymmetry, which can lead to positioning issues
  • Any other problems that may cause pressure or discomfort

Weighing only 4.4 pounds, the cushion is designed to be lightweight and easy to adjust. The Roho Cushion can be washed with standard soap and water, while the included two-way stretch cover is machine-washable.

Additionally, the Roho Cushion is made of flame-resistant black neoprene that is easy to patch and repair in case of damage.

The Single Compartment Roho Cushion, as its name implies, features only one compartment for inflation. This means that the inflation of the cushion’s air cells is uniform throughout the product, in contrast to the multi-cell construction of other air cushions.

As with many other ROHO/Air wheelchair cushions, this product comes with an air pump. One noteworthy benefit to the ROHO air pump is that it allows the cushion to be adjusted—both for posture and inflation—while the patient remains seated. This is a particularly useful feature, as it prevents caregivers from needing to move the patient from the wheelchair to make adjustments!

Features and Benefits

  • Available in 28 different width and length options
  • Lightweight and very durable
  • Designed for taller patients
  • Can be used with tilt or reclining systems
  • Easy to clean and repair latex-free neoprene cover
  • 2-year limited warranty on cushion and 6-month limited warranty on cover
  • Machine-washable outer cover
  • Air pump and repair kit included with purchase
  • 4-inch total cushion depth
    • pounds total cushion weight
  • Ideal for those with skin breakdown and pressure ulcers
  • For those with loss of sensation in the seating area
  • Unlimited weight capacity when using correct size cushion
  • Optional heavy-duty cover available

Product Tips

Unlike the previous entry in this list, this Roho Cushion is a great option for those who spend extensive amounts of time in their wheelchair. Designed not to just prevent, but rather repair damage caused by long-term sitting, this cushion is a heavy-duty, ultra-supportive model that can accommodate a range of body types and is appropriate for bariatric use.

At around $450, this item is considered an investment. While excellent for specific patient needs, not all users will require the high-level support and stabilizing features of this cushion. If you or your loved one is a fan of the air cell design but wants something less heavy-duty, the ROHO Low Profile Single Compartment Roho Cushion might be a better fit!


ROHO products are known for their innovative design features, individualized support, and consistent quality. The High Profile Single Compartment Roho Cushion is no exception. Like most air cushions, it is constructed to provide a high level of support for those who have developed or are at risk of developing skin integrity issues. This model is especially suitable for people who have lost sensation in their seating area and require assistance for optimum positioning. For maximum comfort and the ultimate in health-promoting features, few cushions pack as much appeal as the High Profile model!

2. Vicair Vector X Air by Comfort Company

The Vicair Vector X Air by Comfort Company is very likely the most unique and innovative air wheelchair Roho Cushion on the market, let alone this top five list.

Because of its multiple groundbreaking features and stellar comfort and support, the Vicair Vector X Air slots into the number two position while also winning our award for the Most Advanced Roho Cushion in the Air category!

In contrast to the typical design of ROHO cushions, this product makes use of a unique air technology. Instead of individual fixed air cells, the Vector X uses triangular, pre-filled comfort cells that disperse to occupy any and all open space when pressure is applied. (Sound confusing? Think of a cushion filled with a bunch of tiny airbags!)

This technology ensures that the exact shape of the patient is supported at all times, while also eliminating any negative space within the Roho Cushion. Additionally, because the comfort cells are pre-filled and sealed, the cushion never needs to be reinflated.

The Vector X further separates itself from most other products due to the increased number of compartments within the Roho Cushion. Where most other wheelchair cushions use just one or two compartments, this cushion has a whooping 10 compartments, each of which can be adjusted to provide more or less support.

The Comfort Company also provides customers the choice between two fabric cover options:

  • Stretch-Air: a two-ply, high-stretch polyester layer lined underneath with a water-resistant barrier for incontinence protection. This fabric is more breathable and is designed to allow more heat to escape from beneath the patient.
  • Comfort-Tek: polyurethane cover with a polyester backing and soft top layer. This fabric is designed to provide control over infection and incontinence, as it is easy to clean and is more fluid-resistant than the Stretch-Air cover. Comfort-Tek

For patients who are at risk of infection or bedsores, the Vicair Vector X can be outfitted with Glidewear Technology. This feature, a fabric level composed of a breathable material, provides a Shear Reduction Zone for the patient.

This technology effectively helps patients adjust their positioning while seated in the wheelchair and works to prevent the common causes of pressure sores and ulcers.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique and innovative comfort cell technology provides outstanding support
  • Two cover options to help provide further support, easy cleaning, and prevent health problems
  • Glidewear Technology protects from sores and ulcers
  • Hourglass design prevents sidewall ballooning
  • Air cells can be added or removed depending on the level of desired support
  • Adjustable medial thigh separator
  • 10 compartments for the most customized fit
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Lightweight item ranging from 1.8 to 3.7 pounds, depending on cushion size
  • Wide variety of sizes
  • 550-pound weight capacity
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects

Product Tips

This outstanding Roho Cushionis designed for those who spend most of their time in their mobility device and who are looking for a cushion that offers:

  • A high level of support and protection against skin problems
  • Dynamic positioning possibilities
  • Prevention or relief of coccyx pain
  • Support for pelvic tilt or asymmetry

If these are concerns for you or your loved one, the Vicair Vector X offers nearly unparalleled support and stability.What’s more, the level of correction can be adjusted gradually according to the user’s comfort. With a weight capacity of up to 550 pounds, this Roho Cushionis also appropriate for bariatric use.

Are you or your loved one the low-maintenance type? If so, this Roho Cushionis a great choice because unlike the other cushions on this list, it never needs to be reinflated. Just add or remove the sealed comfort cells as needed!


At first glance, the Vicair Vector X may seem like the black sheep on this list, but its array of unique features combined with the quality you would expect from Comfort Company make it an appealing choice.If you or your loved one needs a stabilizing, adjustable cushion with minimal maintenance needs, this one-of-a-kind offering may be just what you’re looking for.

At around $330, the Vicair Vector X is a financial commitment – but if you or your loved one has stability issues or is at risk of developing skin problems from prolonged sitting, this made-in-America wonder could be the very best choice!

1. ROHO Contour Select

While each of the previous wheelchair cushions on this list has its distinct benefits and unique features, none are as complete and well-rounded as the Contour Select Roho Cushion. This Roho Cushion is the ultimate package for providing protection, comfort, and safety to individuals in wheelchairs. It combines many of the advantages seen in other cushions in one beautifully designed and executed item.

Not only is the Contour Select Roho Cushion in top pick in the Air cushions category, it was is also the pick for the best wheelchair cushion overall! The Contour Select Roho Cushion first grabs your attention with its exceptional design: its four separate quadrants are designed to help the patient maintain a comfortable seating position. This format minimizes side-to-side and front to back motion, thereby stabilizing the user in a consistent, comfortable position.

Adjustment of the Roho Cushion is also notably easy, and as with the ROHO High Profile model above, it allows caregivers or even patients themselves to add or release air – even while the patient is seated!

Perhaps one of the more impressive features of the Contour Select Roho Cushion is its Isoflo Memory Control, which disperses air throughout the four quadrants to ensure that areas under more pressure get the support they need. Once the patient achieves their ideal level of comfort, the Isoflo Memory Control can be locked to maintain that precise position.

This feature both reduces the potential of “bottoming out,” and increases blood flow to areas at risk of skin degradation or pressure sores.

Beyond these impressive features, customers will find additional benefits aplenty. For example, the Contour Select can be easily cleaned using soap and water, and quickly repaired and patched should a puncture occur in the lining.

At just over $350, this Roho Cushion isn’t even the priciest model on this list. For the money, it offers a remarkable set of valuable features that will help you or your loved one get the most out of your wheelchair!

Features and Benefits

  • One of the most adjustable and accommodating products on the market
  • Isoflo Memory Control ensures a precise and consistent form-fitting seat
  • Designed to accommodate pelvic deformities and correct posterior pelvic tilt
  • Minimizes side to side and back and forth movement
  • Flame-resistant neoprene cover
  • Adjustable while the user is seated
  • 500 pounds weight capacity
  • 4-inch total cushion height
  • Three-year limited warranty on cushion
  • Two-way stretch cover, inflation pump, and repair kit included with purchase

Product Tips

Customers recognized the Contour Select as the number one product by a wide margin, pointing to its comfort, adjustability, and durability as some of its greatest advantages. Many Roho Cushion are designed to provide a higher level of stability and support than can be found in many other types of cushions, such as foam and gel models. If you or your loved one:

  • Spends extensive amounts of time in a mobility device
  • Requires a high level of positional support
  • Is at risk of skin problems related to long-term immobility,

The adjustable and immersive design can help repair issues that have already emerged and keep new ones from developing.For those at risk of leaning either forwards or backwards and placing more pressure on their sit bones as a result, this cushion can be easily adjusted to provide optimal positioning.

This Roho Cushion comes in a generous range of sizes and can accommodate weights of up to 500 pounds, making it appropriate for bariatric use.


Because of all it has to offer, as well as the overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers, the Contour Select Roho Cushion is one pick for the best air cushion and the best wheelchair cushion overall. The evidence is clear: the Contour Select Roho Cushion is an outstanding product that provides an impressive combination of support, comfort, and additional features to its users.

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