Non Stick Gauze

Non Stick Gauze are proven in a clinical study not to stick to wounds. Additionally, they instantly absorb fluid and pull it away from wounds. These highly-absorbent Non Stick Gauze, from the number-one doctor recommended first aid brand, are ideal for minor wounds.

Non Stick Gauze Features:

  • Non-stick layer for ouchless removal – Minimizes moisture from recovering wounds and remains easily removable even as wounds heal
  • Keeps wound clean and dry – Poly-blend core effectively draws up large amounts of blood and discharge
  • Protects and absorbs – safeguards against contact while managing significant discharge
  • It can be cut or trimmed to fit most wounds

How to Choose Non Stick Gauze

They are ideal for open wounds that have light to moderate exudate. The non-adherent properties keep the fabric from sticking to the wound, even as the wound heals. This will give piece of mind to the patient, because there will be little to no pain during removal. Because of its gentle nature, this gauze will not disrupt any healing that takes place, nor will it leave any residue. Non-adherent gauze often needs a secondary dressing for absorption as well as a bandage to keep it on the wound. Many types of Non Stick Gauze are treated with products that increase healing times by maintaining a moist environment or with an antiseptic to kill micro-organisms that interfere or cause infection. Further information below describes the different types and predominant properties.

Non Stick Gauze Guide Information Choosing the right non-adherent dressing is typically based on wound type and doctor recommendation. It is always best to consult with your nurse or doctor to see what dressing is best. For chronic wounds, it may be necessary for a sterile, moist gauze, sometimes impregnated with petrolatum to keep a wet environment. For open non-dry wounds it is best to maintain a balance of aeration and a healthy moist wound bed for an optimal healing environment.

Types and Applications

There are generally two distinct types of Non Stick Gauze in a gauze-based dressing. There is synthetic non-woven gauze material, which makes up the majority of non-adhesive, and there is cotton based woven gauze with a non-adherent film. The film is typically a poly skin that rests against the wound bed and allows exudate to soak through the perforation into the woven gauze padding. The following are a select few examples from Medical along with their specific coatings or advantages:

  • AdapticNon Stick Gauze: Made of cellulose acetate and coated with petrolatum to make it non-adhering and moist.
  • Telfa AMD: Includes a non-adherent sponge gauze impregnated with PHMB (Polyhexamethylene Biguanide) for wounds prone to infection — also can be used as a primary dressing.
  • Xeroform Petrolatum: Another petrolatum-based non-adherent dressing that is mixed with 3 percent Bismuth Tribromophenate, which acts as a deodorant.
  • CuradNon Stick Gauze: A dry, sterile, non-adherent pad that is used for the most variety of wound care applications.

Introducing the Non Stick Gauze to the Wound

With a wound dressing gauze selected, refer to the specific instructions given on the dressing packaging. It is important that you maintain a sterile environment and that gloves, cotton applicators, and whatever implements are used are also sterile or have been sterilized. Know how best to clean a wound and dry it, as instructed by a nurse or wound care specialist.

Before dressing the wound, have all of the supplies you need ready, including a biohazard bag, to reduce the chances of contamination.


Will this bandage stick to a healing burn?

These were a saving grace for me with bad burns/Wounds.Are used in combination with the topical honey appointment works so well. If it ever was to stick just get it wet first and it will eventually lift.

Are they latex-free?

Yes, they are latex-free, but it is not a “bandaid” – you still have to use some sort of tape to keep it on the wound.

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