Hypafix Tape

Hypafix Tape is a dressing retention tape that offers wide-area fixation of large post-operative wound dressings, gauze, and absorbent compresses. It also provides complete coverage of the entire dressing, thus reducing the risk of contamination. Its excellent conformability simplifies shaping around joints and awkward body contours to allow the patient greater freedom of movement. Hypafix Tape is also radiotransparent, so it does not have to be removed for either radiotherapy or X-ray examinations. Latex Free.

Hypafix Tape Features:

  • Hypoallergenic           
  • Impermeable to outside contaminants           
  • Moisture vapor permeable      
  • Non-adherent 
  • Not made w/ natural rubber latex      
  • Occlusive       
  • Re-appliable   
  • Seamless         
  • Skin barrier     
  • Sterile 
  • Stretchable     
  • Variety of sizes          
  • Ventilated      
  • Water-resistant

How to use Hypafix Tape:


Measure the length of Hypafix Tape that you are going to need, and cut it to size. Larger areas such as the shoulder and quad may need a 10CM Hypafix Tape. If you are nearing the end of the roll, the tape will want to roll back up. Rolling the tape in the opposite direction helps to keep the tape flat, making it easier to measure, cut and apply.


The backing tape is cut down the centre, making it easy to remove once you’ve cut your strips. Simply peel away each side to reveal the adhesive.


The final step is to stick your tape onto the skin. Place it at the same angle that you are going to stick your Hypafix Tapeover the top, making sure you have enough width of Hypafix Tapeto cover the entire area that is going to be taped above.


  • Skin-friendly
  • Split liner for easy removal of release paper
  • Square frame printing on release paper provides guideline for cutting
  • Secure fixation on all parts of the body


  • 2(1/2)cmx10m
  • 5cmx10m,
  • 10cmx10m
  • 15cmx10m
  • 20cmx10m,
  • 30cmx10m.

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