Am I Insane

Asking the question, “am I insane” is a perfectly normal question and you shouldn’t be afraid of it. The answer depends on your current mental state and how comfortable you feel in your own skin.

However, if you find yourself constantly asking the question, you should consult the help of mental health professionals. Mental health professionals will be able to give you recommendations on therapy and they can help you understand your condition in greater detail and how you can better approach your condition. Resources such as residential treatment centers can help show you a path to recovery and help you lead a stress-free life.

Am I Crazy?

Most people who ask whether they are crazy are not crazy. Asking this question is a sign of self-awareness and self-awareness typically prevents people from being insane. However, if you find yourself asking these questions frequently, you might be prone to other mental health conditions that can cause you stress and anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide, or other mental health trials. You might also be suffering from bipolar disorder or PTSD.

Before You Panic…

Before you start pressing the panic button, understand that it is normal for people to question their sanity from time to time. Some of this can stem from an overwhelming feeling of stress. You can feel stressed about work, your social life, and your family — life is stressful and sometimes the absurdity of it all can make you feel like you are losing control. It’s normal to question your cognitive abilities during times like these.

So, if you find yourself asking the question of whether or not you are insane, remember that it’s normal for you to go through mentally trying times.

What Does Being Crazy Actually Mean?

Saying someone or something is crazy can have many different meanings depending on the context in which you use the phrase. The dictionary definition of crazy refers to it as the condition of being insane or the unsoundness of mind as a result of brain disease. It also lists madness and lunacy as a definition. In medical science, the term crazy has been replaced with insanity to describe high-functioning mental illnesses. In these instances, the craziness level is high enough to interfere with the patient’s everyday life.

The legal definition of insanity describes a baseline for determining whether someone is aware of their actions being wrong. If you are deemed crazy in a legal setting, you might have to accept responsibility for the crime you committed. If you are insane, you will not be able to tell what is legally allowed or not allowed.

Social Definition

In casual conversations, insanity can have two different meanings, both negative and positive. The positive connotation can mean that someone or something is cool. The negative connotation means the exact opposite. Funny how language works, huh? While they have very different connotations, both instances describe something abnormal. Sometimes the abnormality has a desirable result. Others, it doesn’t.

Are There Insane Quizzes?

There are numerous online questionnaires that claim to tell you how insane you are. These should not be consulted seriously and if you are seriously concerned about your mental health, you should visit a mental health professional. Mental health is an extremely sensitive and complex subject and you should have a professional diagnose you to ensure the correct prescription. A mental health professional will be able to identify your symptoms, understand the scale and severity of your condition, and determine the cause of your possible illness. All of this takes time and treatment.

Analyzing Symptoms

Mental disorders always have expected signs. However, it is easy to mix them up, which is why you should never rely on a quiz to tell you what you are feeling and why. However, some of the most common symptoms of insanity are the following:


Delusions are strong beliefs against reality. One of the primary symptoms of going insane is having more delusional thoughts or feelings. These can be very difficult to identify because if something feels real, it’s not easy to accept as false.


Hallucinations describe experiences of hearing or sensing things that others don’t. If this happens to you often, it can be a sign of you going insane. Hallucinations might have other causes, such as ingesting illicit drugs, alcohol withdrawal, or taking psychedelic substances.

Altered Reality

If you have a feeling of altered reality, you might ask yourself whether you are crazy. This can present itself as a feeling of being disconnected from the real world and it is a fairly abstract concept. That’s why it’s important for you to talk to a mental health professional if you find yourself feeling this way.

Estimating the Scale of Your Mental Illness

The second stage of analyzing your insanity is identifying the severity of your symptoms. This stage inspects the effects your mental health issue causes on your everyday life.

Administering a Diagnosis

One of the final stages of answering whether you are insane is identifying the problem and receiving a diagnosis from a mental health professional. Mental health challenges are extremely prevalent in modern society and they always have been. Just because you are not insane does not mean that you aren’t suffering from a different mental health issue. This should not scare you. In fact, you should be excited to remedy your problems.

There is nothing wrong with being imperfect and most people struggle with mental health. The problem is that it has become too stigmatized so people feel like they can’t be open about their struggles and receive help. If you find yourself asking whether you are insane, consult a mental health professional that you trust to receive a diagnosis.


Asking yourself whether you are crazy does not make you crazy. You can be a perfectly normal individual and ask yourself whether you are insane. However, if you frequently struggle with mental health issues you should consult the advice of a mental health professional. They will be able to issue a full diagnosis and treatment protocol in line with your specific needs.

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